"To spin a yard" by French landscape architecture firm, Atelier Altern, can also be translated as ‘a story of forgotten varieties of salad.’ This salad-green greenhouse installation was completed for the French national festival, “Imaginez Maintenant,” and was constructed in response to the traditional floating gardens of the town of Amiens. 

In the words of Landzine:

Near [to] an area called the Salad Harbour, Aurélien Zoia and Sylvain Morin have decided to work on the historical sense of the place, between agriculture, archeology and toponymy. “We wanted to take up two small and abandoned islands of the Salad Harbour, and to make them a medium of development and communication for old and forgotten varieties of salad” tell the two landscape architects. On the bank is established a sentence “On vous raconte des salades” (translation: a French expression for “we told you salads’ story” but with a double meaning which is “we spin a yard’). In fact, the proposal is the construction of a contemporary structure, with canted framings, and covered by a protective net for the salad crops. “Not far from here, we have contemplated producing few thousands of different salads and, between the first and the fourth of July, distributing them for free, because this varieties are forbidden to be sold by the farmers in France.” It’s a serious problematic broached by the landscapers, in order to think more about old varieties rejection, genetic erosion and agricultural and industrial monopoly of seeds…

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